Best of 2021

2021 IBNA Newscast/Sportscast Contest

The IBNA contest for entries that aired in 2021 is now open.  Entries must be made online through the webite. 

Information on entering can be found on the RockOurAwards website.  The competition is open to all IBNA dues-paying members employed at any electronic media facility in Iowa and adjacent markets serving Iowa audiences, and to students who are from Iowa or are attending an Iowa-based college/university. See the information below to renew your membership.
– An IBNA member may “share” his/her eligibility with non-members at the station/school.
– There is no limit to the number of entries which may be submitted from a single individual/organization.

All entries must have aired/appeared during calendar year 2021.

All entries must be submitted as they aired/appeared, without later editing (except compilations).

The Entry Deadline is 5 p.m. on February 21, 2022

Award winners will be announced at the IBNA Convention on April 30th in Cedar Falls.

Here is a listing of the award categories for the Iowa Broadcast News Association news/sports contest covering the 2021 broadcast year:

Radio TV Contest categories 2021

The best newscast/sportscast designated dates are  August 27 (radio/TV) August 28 (radio/TV), September 22 (radio TV), October 29(radio TV) October 30 (radio/TV), November 17 (radio TV), December 9 (TV) December 10 (radio).

Membership renewal information:

IBNA annual memberships expire in January.   Membership cannot be renewed on the contest site. To renew your IBNA Membership, please go to the membership page of this website and fill out the form and pay on this website.