IBNA Executive Director Resignation

To the IBNA Membership:

With much regret, I must announce to the IBNA membership that our executive director Anne-Marie Taylor has stepped down. She asked us to convey the following message:

“It’s been great getting to know all of you, ultimately, an executive director’s job can be about chemistry, and I’m not sure it was the right fit. I believe in the mission, and I hope everyone will feel free to stay in touch.”

On behalf of the IBNA Board of Directors, I would like to thank, Anne-Marie for what she brought to the board. We wish her well.

Anne-Marie’s resignation is effective, October 1.


IBNA Board President, Tom Robinson


Message From IBNA Board President Tom Robinson

To IBNA Members:

The 2019 Iowa Broadcast News Association Annual Convention and Awards Banquet is set for Saturday, April 13, at the Stoney Creek Hotel and Convention Center, 5291 Stoney Creek Court in Johnston, Iowa.

The contest entries for work done in 2018 may be submitted from January 1, 2019, through January 25, 2019.

There are a couple of changes for those submitting entries for the category of the best newscast and best sportscast on one of the six designated dates. This category is now open to anyone who is a member of a Television or Radio Station who anchors a newscast or sportscast on one of the six dates. Additionally, The designated newscast and sportscast dates no longer apply to college students. The board voted to allow students to submit one newscast and one sportscast of their choice produced on a day of their choice and aired in 2018.

Please check the website and our facebook page for future announcements and articles.
We look forward to seeing all of you at the Convention.

IBNA Board President, Tom Robinson